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6 Days Uganda Safari To Kibale Chimps, Semuliki & Queen Elizabeth National Parks


A 6 days safari will have you driving to Kibale Forest National Park – the land of chimpanzees then to the famous Sempaya hot springs in Semuliki National park and you will end in the medley of wonders – Queen Elizabeth National park for the outstanding boat launch along Kazinga channel and of course the views of wildlife on your game drives.

Summarized Itinerary:

Day 1: Drive to Kibale Forest National Park from Entebbe.

Day 2: Morning Chimpanzee tracking. Afternoon at leisure.

Day 3: Drive to Semuliki National park and afternoon visit to the Sempaya Hot springs.

Day 4: Morning Community tour and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Day 5: Morning and evening game drive

Day 6: Morning boat cruise on Kazinga Channel and Depart Queen Elizabeth to Entebbe.

Day 7: Fly out of Entebbe.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1: Drive to Kibale Forest National Park from Entebbe.

Arrive with the early morning flight at Entebbe International airport, meet your guide and drive to Kibale Forest, drive time 6-7 hours. 
Kibale forest national park is located in the western side of Uganda covering a total surface area of 766 square kilometers and the entire landscape is green, full of lush vegetation of trees, shrubs, ferns, grass among others and this has created a natural home for variety of wildlife like 13 primate species including chimpanzees, vervet, red-tailed, L’Hoest’s, blue monkeys, gray-cheeked mangabey, red colobus, black and white colobus, olive baboon, and over 335 bird species like the ducky crimson wing, black capped Apalis, blue headed sunbird, red faced woodland warbler and purple breasted sunbird among others and over 60 other kinds of mammals besides the primates like the bush pigs, elephants, duikers among others.
Accommodation options in Kable Forest National Park, Uganda.
Luxury– Primate Lodge
Primate Lodge is found at the edge of Kibale Forest about 10 minutes’ walk from the UWA offices.
The lodge has 10 cottages with six doubles / four twins inclusive of one honeymoon cottage and all the rooms have similar amenities except a bathtub and a fireplace that is only found in the honeymoon cottages. All rooms have ensuite facilities, safe deposits, king sized beds, mosquito nets among others.
Enjoy the spa services inclusive of a massage after your trek and all kinds of drinks and delicious meals from the bar and restaurant.
There is no Wi-Fi in the cottages but you can freely access it from the main area lounge.
Mid-range – Turaco Safari Lodge
Enjoy a unique experience in the forest canopy at Turaco Treetops with great views of the snow capped Rwenzori Mountains. Turaco Treetops named after the popular Great Blue Turaco bird is just at the edge of the green lush of vegetation which is the famous home to man’s shy cousins: the chimpanzees and plenty of other bird and monkey species like the black and white colobus. Enjoy a cozy stay in the semi luxury rooms with very comfortable beds, running water all day for a shower and the hospitality from the staff makes your stay amazing.
Budget – Kibale forest camp
Kibale forest camp has 12 self-contained cottages and four lazy camp rooms and the lodge can be traced after a 15 minutes’ drive from the Park’s gate and the headquarters. The lodge is surrounded by greenery with high chances of sighting the black and white Columbus from your room veranda or at the lounge.

Day 2: Morning Chimpanzee Tracking In Kibale National Park. Afternoon at leisure

The day starts after your breakfast before proceeding to the starting point for Chimpanzee tracking. The drive to the park headquarters is for about 1 hour for lodges like Ndali lodge, Papaya lodge and only a 2 minutes’ walk for clients overnighting at primate lodge, Turaco safari lodge and Kibale Forest Camp.

Attend the briefing which lasts for about 15 minutes, listen to the rules and regulations from the ranger guides.
Proceed with your trek that normally lasts for over 3 hours or more basing on when you find the chimps.
As you get closer to the chimps, you hear them hooting from a distance and this will need you to increase your speed so that we don’t miss out the chimps because they keep moving and going deeper into the forest.
 So many people can’t hide their excitement upon the first sight of the chimps as they swing from one tree to the other, showing off different poses. It is normal to be scared when you first get close to the chimps but all this is long forgotten because the chimps are so welcoming.

Spend 1 hour with the chimps as you take photos of the chimps as the ranger was give you more  information about the chimps like different families in Kibale forest, mating periods, ways of living, feeding etc.
After about an hour of remarkable experience with the chimps, exit the forest to the park for your certificate.
Return to the lodge for lunch. Afternoon at leisure, optional activities available.
Overnight and dinner at the Lodge.

Day 3: Drive to Semuliki National park. Afternoon visit to Sempaya Hot springs.

After your breakfast, transfer from Kibale Forest national park to Semuliki National park. The drive time is approximately 2 – 3 hours. You will arrive in time for lunch. Transfer to your accommodation for lunch and refreshment before proceeding for the afternoon visit to Sempaya Hot springs.

Among the natural features renown in Semuliki national park include the hot springs in the Sempaya area located in Itojo along Bundibugyo road. So many tourists visit the hot springs to enjoy an exciting view as the water thrusts into the atmosphere with hot steam clouding the entire place that is also visible from a kilometer away.

The hot springs are divided into the male locally known Bintene as and female springs identified as Nyasimbi by the locals, the female spring can be differentiated from the male spring by the fact that it is a geyser that can boil eggs and Matoke, tourists are advised to move along with a few fresh food stuffs that they can use in the experience.

Once at the springs, experienced ranger guides are available to offer you with detailed information about the formation of the springs with two versions, the local belief and the scientific explanation, the judgment is yours onto which story to believe.

Accommodation options
Luxury – Semuliki Safari Lodge 
 Semuliki Safari Lodge, one of the luxurious lodges in the less tapered natural areas in Uganda. Semuliki Safari Lodge is designed and decorated to portray the tradition and African beauty – the cottages are grass thatched and can accommodate more than 10 pax per night; the well-behaved staff who are very hospitable and ensure you receive the best service ever compliment the beauty.
Enjoy dinner from the main lounge that has chunky dinner tables with lit lanterns with very delicious meals prepared by the professional chefs.
Budget – Kirumia Guest House
Kirumia Guest House is a budget facility situated 100m from Kirumia trail – the famous stop over for birders in Bundibugyo district just at the edge of Semuliki National park. Kirumia Guest house is 5km from the park headquarters and 10km from the popular Sempaya hot springs which is a very suitable  location for sighting many bird species, primates like chimpanzees, baboons and monkeys among others.

Day 4: Morning Game drive and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

After your breakfast, depart with packed lunch from your accommodation to Queen Elizabeth National park with an enroute game drive in Semuliki National park.

A game drive around Semuliki is one of the best ways to explore the park’s attractions which include the top game four including Lions, buffalo, hippo, Forest elephants and Leopard, Kob, forest elephants, warthogs, antelopes among others.
To enjoy a full encounter of the game, you take the three different trials namely the red monkey trail, Sempaya trail and the Kirumia trail with plenty of wildlife including monkeys, Uganda kob, buffaloes, antelopes, chimpanzees, baboon species like De Brazza’s monkey, Vervet monkey, olive baboons, guereza colobus and night primates like pattos and galagos as well as nesting over 441 bird species which is a ratio of 40 to 100 of Uganda’s bird population and a percentage of 66 of the country’s forest birds including the most unique and rare species of the extinct shoe bill

Head out of the park to the northern side of Queen Elizabeth National park, the former renown Kazinga channel national park is stationed in the western arm of the rift valley and it is the second largest national park in Uganda spreading on over 1978 square kilometers of land.

The park has been in existence since 1952 when it was gazetted as Kazinga channel national park, a name which was changed two years later to Queen Elizabeth national park so as to honor Queen Elizabeth ii of England’s visit to Uganda.
The park is famous for its rich eco system ranging from the wide savannah landscape with humid trees and acacia woodlands plus shrubs, crater lakes, kazinga channel joining Lake Edward and Lake George, maramagambo forest, wetlands that have made a perfect natural environment for over 95 mammals including the popular big five like the lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo and 10 primate species and over 600 species of birds including the rare flamingos making Queen Elizabeth national park along the best birding sites in Uganda, opportunities of sighting reptiles
Accommodation options in Queen Elizabeth National Park-Uganda.
Luxury – Kyambura Gorge Lodge
Kyambura Gorge is located at the edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park surrounded by the magnificent savannah grasslands with a backdrop view of Mountain Rwenzori and the recessed Kyambura Gorge.
The facility has its rooms divided into deluxe and standard bandas and all rooms offer breathtaking views of the natural life from all corners of your room.
At the site, there is a swimming pool and a spa for your refreshment and relaxation. All guests that stay at the lodge can participate in the Kyambura Gorge eco-tourism project on a complimentary basis.
Mid-range – Buffalo Safari Lodge
Buffalo Safari Lodge is situated on the Northern side of Queen Elizabeth National Park near Katunguru Bridge, a few minutes’ drive from the renowned Kazinga channel boat cruise along the Mbarara highway road.
The lodge has 17 rooms divided into standard and deluxe cottages accommodating a maximum of 20 guests. Buffalo safari lodge offers very scenic views of wildlife like buffaloes, elephants, warthogs, and many more and these are common residents of the lodge.

The lodge is ensuite with a very welcoming and hospitable staff who provide first-class services. Enjoy drinks from the fully stocked bar and restaurant with free internet access.
Budget – Bush Lodge
The bush lodge is bordered by the Kazinga channel offering the perfect sights of the animals as they roam around the park. The lodge has 12 bandas and 2 tents all ensuite, the lodges are designed to offer exclusivity as the rooms are distanced from one another facing the Kamera River. The rooms have running water all day, mosquito nets and king-sized beds.
For clients that are a bit more budget-restricted, the lodge has 10 non-self-contained tents that are joined to form sort of a block with shared showers and flushing toilets.

Day 5: Morning and evening game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Wake up early as nature awakes for your morning game drive through the demarcated trails to search for wildlife in Queen Elizabeth National park including 95 mammals amongst the popular big five like the lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo and 10 primate species and over 600 species of birds including the rare flamingos making Queen Elizabeth national park along the best birding sites in Uganda, opportunities of sighting reptiles. Return to the lodge for lunch and relaxation before heading back for the evening game drive as the animals move back to their nests.
Overnight and accommodation at your lodge.

Day 6: Morning boat cruise on Kazinga Channel and Depart Queen Elizabeth to Entebbe.

Enjoy a morning boat cruise on Kazinga channel located in the Northern side of the park in the Mweya Peninsula. The channel stretching 40km length connects Lake Edward to Lake George.
The 3 hours boat cruise on the kazinga channel offers sights of wildlife resting along the shore of the channel like African buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, and monitor lizards, numerous bird species like the flamingos, African skimmer, kingfishers, and fish eagles among others.  After your boat cruise, head out of the park to Entebbe. Drive is 7-8 hours so you will need to overnight in Entebbe.

Accommodation options in Entebbe-Uganda.
Luxury – Hotel No.5
Hotel No.5 is one of the most tranquil luxury boutique hotels in Entebbe providing a luxurious and cozy stay for your time in Entebbe. The hotel has different room types like the deluxe and apartments for those who wish to stay longer. The ensuite rooms are well facilitated with unique and up to date amenities like the air conditioners, a flat screen, bathrobes, and slippers, a safety box locked with a password, desk and an electric kettle in case you want to prepare yourself a cup of tea or coffee.
The property has a 24-hour front desk, a shuttle service, a shared kitchen and free Wi-Fi, secure parking space, a swimming pool catering for both the young and the adults. Clients are free to enjoy their time in the lounge with free house drinks provided in case you need a breeze out of the rooms.
Mid-range – Karibu guest House
Karibu Guest House is a boutique hotel located in Entebbe since 2012 when it was set up. The guest house can be traced just 10 minutes from the airport and it is well facilitated to cater for a small number of people in its 8 rooms offering a very exclusive experience and a personal touch of service, delicious food, a 24 hour reception, free and fast internet access, swimming pool, spa and massage amenities.
Budget – Guinea Fowl guest house.
Guinea Fowl Guest House named after the rare bird species of the Numididae bird family that can only be found in Africa and among the birds that have a long life span so, they are referred to as the oldest of the gallinaceous birds.  The Guest House has a variety of room types to offer a cosy and comfortable stay, the guesthouse arranges additional services like laundry, luggage storage and a secure parking plus the special massage treatment.

Day 7: Fly out of Entebbe

Your driver will meet you at your accommodation to transfer you to Entebbe International airport for your international departure flight.