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Bicycle Adventure Around Entebbe – Uganda

Here is a chance to learn a lot about Entebbe and its beautiful corners, the best chance to see many different things and hidden gems in Entebbe, It is absolutely a never miss activity for our clients who would like to explore Entebbe and really dive deep into the history, culture and nature of the country and of Entebbe itself.

Many clients can book the bike tour on the day of arrival in Entebbe to stretch their legs after long flights and to prepare for the great trekking experience ahead of their safari but you can also leisurely ride around on your post trip.

The cycling tours below come with lots of options and customizations for various levels of riders on high quality bikes plus a guide who is knowledgeable on various topics like the different types of plants, animals, birds, history of Entebbe, and Ugandan culture among others, definitely a skilled cyclist who knows how to make your journey seamless as possible, from correcting breathing techniques to enjoy the ride is remarkable and memorable for everyone.

The 4 hour – tour includes:

 A visit at the Reptiles Village Entebbe – a home to over 50 reptile species like the pythons, vipers, Cobras, tortoises and turtles, crocodiles, chameleons and others.

The famous Botanical Gardens visit – a great opportunity to get to know native flora and fauna, not to mention checking out the local monkey families with chances of seeing the  black & white colobus monkeys, red tail monkeys & velvet monkeys.

 A local market visit – feel free to buy a snack and different souvenirs while at Katabi local market and if you are lucky to have your trip on Saturday which is the market day locally known as the KABUBU where different traders gather in one place to sell a variety of products.

A beachAs it is known that Entebbe is home to the second largest freshwater body in the world so many investors have started up many beaches along the lake shores like White sand beach, Aero beach, Anderita beach among others. You will spend some time chilling on the shores of Lake Victoria before proceeding to other main places in Entebbe on your route.

The 3.5 hour-tour is similar to the 4 hour-tour but does not include the visit at the Reptiles Village.

The 2.5 -3 Hour tour is a free ride through Entebbe, including all the main and minor places in the municipality.


The Bussi island trip gives a unique experience that includes both a boat ride and biking. This bike trip ends at a park that has an optional zipline and obstacle course.

The ride starts from Katabi stage to Nakiwogo landing site and this is a 20 minutes cycle, then you cross to Buwaya with the bikes on either local canoes or the government ferry. From Buwaya, you cycle to Mabamba Island for around 30 – 40 minutes depending on the speed of the cyclists. To get to Bussi Island you will need to go through Mabamba Island, the home to the historical SHOEBILL and if luck is on your side, you could even have a sighting of it but even if you don’t see it, you will definitely see a variety of other bird species nesting the papyrus.

Once at Bussi, you ride to Park shoebill which is an amusement park with a variety of activities suitable for both adults and kids like the obstacle course made of 3 stages and each course ends with Zip lining.

There are two return options, either to cross over from Bussi Island to Nakiwogo with the bikes and the driver picks the clients from Nakiwogo or to cycle back through the same routing as the above

You can go on a solo ride or enjoy it as a group, one travel specialist quoted that “The best part about embarking on an adventure is being able to share it. Embrace the journey with someone you care about who loves cycling as much as you do! Say cheers to your triumphs, connect over challenges and exchange tips and tricks while savouring an appetiser together.”

The trip prices include all entrance fees, water, a local fruit , a bike + helmet and an experienced guide who will tell you everything you need to know about Entebbe .The tours can start at any time of your convenience, however the latest starting time is 4 p.m.

For any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.